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Iwo Załuski
Iwo Załuski

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Author, composer, teacher and pianist Iwo Załuski, great-great-great grandson of MK Ogiński, was born in Kraków in 1939, and, like his brother Andrzej, was educated in Great Britain, where he also still lives. During the 1990s he has extensively researched the lives and music of MK Ogiński, and his Dynasty, which has produced published composers and performing artists with every generation to this day. Russian and Lithuanian translations of his history of the Dynasty, written in English, have been published. A Polish translation is due in 2009.

MK Ogiński The 24 Polonaises Amelia Załuski Piano Compositions Xavier Ogiński 10 Polonaises
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List of arrangements by Iwo Załuski for various chamber ensembles available on request.