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Ogiński Dynasty
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Xavier and Tadeusz Ogiński

Xavier Romance

Princes Tadeusz and Franciszek Ksawery Ogiński were the sons of Prince Michał Kleofas Ogiński and his first wife, Izabela Lasocka. They were born in 1798 and 1800 respectively at Brzeziny, the Lasockis’ estate just to the east of Łódż, in what was then the Prussian Partition of Poland. Both boys were brought up by their mother after their parents divorced and their father, having successfully sought permission from Tsar Alexander I to return to his homeland, left for Lithuania in 1801. Both Tadeusz and Xavier, as he was known, inherited their father’s gift for music. Very little is known of their early years, but, after the creation, from part of the Prussian Partition, of the Kingdom of Poland at the Congress of Vienna, they were sent to study at the newly established University of Vilnius. After that they went to Warsaw to work as government officials. During the 1820s they both found themselves very much in demand in the salons and concert rooms of Warsaw, especially Xavier, who became the more successful of the two. His bravura style of playing, and his championship of his father’s Polonaises, were very much admired. His own Polonaises were heard alongside those of Chopin, 10 years his junior. 10 have survived to this day, with 6 published in Warsaw between 1822 and 1828. The other four were published in Vilnius, probably before he came to Warsaw. Interesting parallels may be drawn in comparing these Polonaises with those of Chopin at this stage.

Xavier, who sported the “logo” X.O., also wrote a number of Romances, again in the style of his father, of which four survive. These include “Le Page blessé à Bavie”, with words by Leonard Chodźko, which was published in St Petersburg in 1820. Three more were published by J. Dąbrowski in Warsaw in 1829: “Le Lis”, “Le Retour du Croisé” - which was inspired by Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”, and “Triolet” a setting of a poem by Tomasz Zan, who, along with Mickiewicz was one of the founder members of the Vilnius Philomates Society.


Both Ogiński brothers married into the family of Baron Feliks von Rönne, whose estate was at Renavas, in north western Lithuania. Xavier married Baroness Theodore, and they had one son, Feliks. There was no further progeny. Tadeusz married Theodore’s sister, Baroness Marie, and they had three daughters, Amelia, Gabriela and Natalia. After the Uprising of 1830-1, both brothers moved to Vilnius and St Petersburg. Xavier died there in 1837. Tadeusz died "at his Lithuanian estate of Veisiejai" in 1884. His only documented legacy is a March for piano duet, published in Warsaw in 1822. This is now lost.